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The worries of doing nothing

Doing nothing can be the nicest thing in the world. I love nothing. And nothing loves me (…sadface). Nothing is that thing you want to do when SOMETHING is that thing you HAVE to do.
Unfortunately though, the reverse is also true. Here you are with all the nothing to do in the world and here comes something to d*ck with your joy (Not unlike the notion of Monday to your Sunday evening in my earlier post). Something makes you think that’s where you want to be. It makes you want the something. What that something is, you don’t have a clue,but by f**k you want it!

And worse than this? Is that you literally have nothing to do. Even if you wanted to do something (and now you do) you couldn’t. Therein lies the dickishness of something.
Something:  Hey dude, you want this thing?
You: Ya! sure! what’s the thing!?
Something: Nothin’…
You: Give me the f**ing thing!
Something: Nah…XD

(Note: Something is not a pedophile and it is not trying to lure you somewhere…I just couldn’t think of a non-creepy, non- ‘get in my van’ way to word that dialogue)

Creepy Van

This is NOT the something...and don't get in the van...

The point is though, that there’s nothing worse than doing nothing when you think you should be doing something…ESPECIALLY when there’s not even a something you should do.
A point made worse when other people appear to have to save the world, cure world hunger, make dinner, eat dinner, rescue 16 kittens from a burning building (one at a time), get a fox, a hen, and seeds across a river only taking one at a time (and not leaving the fox with the hen or the hen with the seeds) and then write an essay…if they want to go clubbing tonight like.

ALL the things!

This is other people....look at 'em...state!

Other people doing stuff is the curse of nothing. Other people ALWAYS have stuff do do at the exact opposite time you have noting at all to do.
And when there is a something you should do, what do you want to do?…Nothing…Or ANY other things. Procrastination can be key here. So you may as well learn how to do it well. Sandra knows how to do this.

Nothing and My Future

So we’ve turned on to the home-straight as far as the college year goes. What’s even scarier though, is that we’ve also turned on to the home straight as far as our years in education goes!
Some time in the next few months I’m supposed to automatically become a functioning member of society!? How the f*ck do ya do that!?
I’m still hoping that the second I set foot outside of college for the last time something will just snap and all of a sudden I’ll be overcome with maturity, responsibility and the kind of drive and decision making that I’m definitely supposed to have by now.
Maybe I’ll just be able to pull it out of my a*s, but that would insinuate that it’s currently stored somewhere in my a*s and I’m just not sure that I’m comfortable with that insinuation.
Anyways, I’ll have to get something from somewhere. Short of re-launching my brief (but glorious) gangster rap career I’m thinking I may have to actually get a non-ghetto-related career.   And as much as I’ve spent my life so far qualifying myself for exactly that it also brings with it a whole new kind of pressure…the pressure to be a normal person…Oh god.

normal person dog

Hey, I'm here to work for your company?....What?

As for right now though, I don’t have a career. I’ve applied for companies that I want to work for and thankfully I have a few interviews to go for. Wonderful!
But not going for one of the accounting firms (who take the largest proportion of graduates from my course by far) meant that for a large portion of the year I had to sit idly by and watch a load of my friends get interviews, placements and jobs while I was waiting to hear back from companies or waiting for their job application process to open.
While that did afford me a lot more time to do whatever I liked while friends panicked, fretted and generally ran about the place in suits, it also allowed me a lot more time to think about what in God’s name I was doing with myself….the answer: nothing. Nothing at all.
Sure, they had lot’s more on their plate than me so doing relatively nothing in comparison was perfectly acceptable really but did it feel that way?…It did in it’s arse!

All of a sudden I wanted to do things. I was all ready to go to apply for jobs and do interviews and wear suits and be productive and have a future and all sorts of crap.
And yet, I couldn’t. I just had to sit there in my nothingness. The nothingness that would soon be over. The nothingness I should take advantage of because once the nothingness was over I would have SOOOOO much sh*t to do. The nothingness now ruined by everyone else’s somethingness. The pricks.

Apply for ALL the jobs?

Look how sad...

Now I know that’s two to three memes in one post but memes are what cool kids do now. So in order to keep up my status as a cool kid I must now do everything they’re doing #UnnecessarilyHashTaggingEverythingIsAlsoCool.

Nothing and me, right now

So I have a confession to make. This blog post has been written entirely on the basis that right now, I have nothing to do.

I have applied for all the jobs I could find that I was interested in and, as of a few hours ago, I finished my final big marketing project of the year (which has been pretty close to finished since January). Yes, it took less than an hour or so for me to crack and do something. This was the only thing I could think to do.

Again, other people have EVERYTHING to do. As usual.
Being that I chose marketing as my major I had the majority of my projects before Christmas. Every other major subject, it seems, has all of their deadlines AFTER Christmas. Meaning that, once again, I only have nothing to do when everyone else has trojan amounts of typing to do (although I’m sure the trojans probably wouldn’t appreciate the notion that they would type).


Ya, sure, I'll be out in a sec guys...just gotta reference this sh*t

And what’s worse than this? I actually DO have stuff to do. I have loads of stuff to do. But for one reason or another, right now, I can do none of them. This, above all the other things I have said, is the single most annoying thing in the world bar one or two things like Jedward, stubbing your toe and the entire youth of today.
Yes, I am old and grumpy ahead of my time.


49 Responses to “The worries of doing nothing”

  1. Well I just took some time out from frantically doing my FYP to read this. Was worth the read, I wish I had nothing to do at the moment 😦

  2. I still have no idea what’s worse, having nothing to do or having ALL THE THINGS to do… And yet I find myself doing nothing instead of all the things… 😦

  3. Michael McLaughlin’s Somethingist Manifesto was a good read. Re-launching your gangster rap career may yet be more fruitful than you imagine, Mike. Big track droppin’ in the near future, boyeeeeeeeee. Anyway, don’t worry too much about doing nothing. In fact we should get together for some porch beers and a fine auld sit sometime soon. There’s a grand stretch in the evenings, like.

    • There’s a grand aul stretch in the evenings….the most Irish phrase ever and THE best reason for doing nothing and having a beer.
      It will be done. And rap songs will be written about it.

  4. The reason you’re not doing any of the loads of things you have to do is laziness isn’t it! I bet it is.

  5. so it looks like uve nothing to so…interesting post. i agree though, jedward are rotten.

  6. Don’t worry… anyone who pretends to be a functioning member of society is just pulling it out of their ass. And when you do become one of those people it makes you enjoy the nothing time so much more!

  7. I wanna hear the bangin’ choons of DJ Dizzy Mic (I assume that was your name? (See what I did with the mic thing? Unreal)

    • Oh my god I may have a Rap name. I always knew there was something with the Mike. And the fact that my last name starts with MC.
      Also there’s the James thing so I could be Jim Master James. But that’d suit my dad more….if he rapped. Which he better!

  8. Always said you should have done econ, then you’d have something to do right now! Like myself of course who should be doing something but is doing nothin’

  9. Brilliant hahaha. Perfect summary of college life I feel!

  10. Since I started fourth year I cant help but feel guilty when I’m doing nothing. Its like there’s a little man in the back of your head, constantly whispering to you the list of things you should be doing. Its made worse by those select few people who are constantly in the library, from dawn till dusk since the year started. What their doing I’ll never know, but it seems their the trend-setters and we can blame this guiltiness on them… All in all. excellent blog Len.

    • It’s true. It’s the pressure of those who work that makes the rest of us feel bad for not working. Even if you don’t go to the library…you know they’re in there!

      Cheers leg

  11. no 😦 like i was promised………invent a blog dislike button so i can vent my disapprovement

  12. This is summing me up way too much it’s scary! Anytime I’m bored I crib about the lack of things to do but once I get even just one busy day I’m dreaming of lazing about the house doing sod all!

  13. As Sandra said, it’s actually worrying how much I can relate to this!
    I spend most of my time talking and complaining about the “somethings” that need to be done and basically end up doing nothing!!

  14. I look forward to reading these blogs updates every week for some truthful entertainment………… mainly because they seem to be the story of my life. Keep it up!!

  15. Haha, I can’t help but think that this has something to do with our conversation of being in the library to make us feel better but never actually doing proper work. Doing something, but doing nothing!

  16. Enjoy it while it lasts . . . I have a feeling everything will blow up in our faces in the next few weeks 😦

  17. No problem! Conor told me you get marks for comments and that I should comment…… so….. heres another!

  18. As a wise man named Billy Preston once sang, “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing…”. Except a lot jauntier than you’d expect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuaG-TCpbtw

  19. four midterms this week, three of em on thursday and an internship to boot. oh and my first job application. and yet I’m here reading your insightful post. Today it seems nothing has won over something. Something is definitely gonna creep up on me this week though. Hopefully that something is not a murderous clown.

    • I did say Something was not a pedophile. At least that’s that out of your list of potential somethings. And it’s a pretty good one to scratch off the list I think.
      As for murderous clowns I’m not sure but be positive. Maybe he’s just creeping up on you to ask for directions to his victim’s house 🙂

  20. I love your photos!

  21. Totally agree with everything in this post, the last paragraph literally described my life right now – Future Bex is going to hate me!

    Also I’m all up for the relaunch of your gangster rap career – Don’t give up on your dream Mike!

    • Don’t ask how but future Mike already hates me. Just like I hate past Mike. That guy has done very little to help me!

      Haha, thanks. I’ll let you know when I throw down my first jam.

  22. When I think about the amount of nothing I do and start to panic, i just have to remember my favourite phrase in the world and everything is fine again……. Few naggins, be grand!

  23. Im awful for complaining about things i have to do and end up doing nothing. Now thats not to say i dont do things like watching very important soccer games, but no doubt future Kevin will hate me an awful lot with all the pressure he will be under come may

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