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Sunday, Comfy Sunday

So it’s Sunday. The day where we have absolutely no idea what to do with ourselves. There’s never really much going on and no one ever really has proper plans for Sunday.

Sunday plans at the most entail something like “Get home” and “Recover”. Sunday dinner may feature somewhere in there and for those of you who live away from home for college it may feature some sort of packing and migration. But even that probably happens somewhere late in the day after a large amount of f**k all else ’cause, let’s face it, this is Ireland. The most you’re going to have to commute today is like 3 hours. People commute 3 hours to work every day in other countries without even uttering a curse. As for me, I live in Cork and go to college in Cork so my Sunday’s are pretty lazy days. Couch features heavily in my day, as do fat man pants and amounts of food like I’d just been broken up with (with occasional blog writing, clearly).

Even God rested on a Sunday and he’s all powerful. What’s little old me supposed to do then? If the almighty had to stop and put his feet up then surely I can – nay must – rest on a Sunday. If I don’t then what am I saying? That I’m better than God? That’s a bit far! Sundays were invented for resting! If you don’t you’ll just incur some wrath.
Now, I’m not saying that I created the world this week or anything but I also wouldn’t want to risk things getting a bit Old Testament up in here.
It seems pretty logical to me then that if you do anything but laze about on a Sunday then you ARE going to hell. Better sit yourself down there fairly lively then! Don’t want to get smote now do ya?

smite button

Seriously, you move...he will press it.

Sunday for me usually goes as follows. Wake up at an hour considered reasonable only on Sundays, fat man pants, comfortable hoodie, big warm socks, couch, 1 O’Clock kick-off, 4 O’Clock kick off, Spanish football and/or American football until it’s time for bed, then bed (And dinner fits in somewhere in the middle of the 4 O’Clock kick-off). Clearly even TV is conspiring to keep me on the couch on Sunday with the invention of Sunday sport. Watching other people run around all day so I don’t have to.


"Yaaaay, United just scored..."

But then there’s the bad part of Sunday…Monday.

Everyone knows when they wake up on Sunday the weekend has practically been and gone. The week is about to start again and stuff will have to be done. That hangs over your head like a piano waiting to fall when God decides to press the smite button.


Yeah...like that. (I'm so happy with my image hunting this week)

It wasn’t enough for Monday just to mess with our Mondays. It had to go ahead and start pissing with your Sundays too because Monday is a bit of a sh*t and doesn’t like you.  So Monday just taints your Sunday with images of waking up early and cold commutes to school/college/work in a car with the heater blasting, putting you further into your state of mindless stupor. The sleep where even your eyelids are too tired to come down.

Recently though, Sunday’s have started to fight back for me. They’re fighting off the encroaching Monday blues and reinstating a sense of peaceful ignorance regarding all the crap I still have to do. It’s lovely.
It has done this through a combination of things over a period of time. The biggest blow came in 2008 when Mondays became the start of my college week, not my school week. This proved almost crushing for Mondays as I quite liked college and it made it much easier to get up for. No more struggling to get my right leg high enough over the dull grey pants of my school uniform so I don’t catch it on the waistband and fall over trying to put them on. Further blows came when class times chose to leave Monday mornings entirely free so I could ease myself back in to the week.

But Monday isn’t dead yet. It fights back every now and again. This week, for example, an ill-timed Econometrics tutorial has ensured Monday has crept back in to my Sunday thoughts again and corrupted them with notions of early morning mathematical analysis. It’s seeping slowly into my consciousness, spreading to all the happy thoughts I have and placing a little asterisk next to them. An asterisk that says “Ya sure you can enjoy that, but you’ll still have to get up tomorrow…enjoy!…lol”. Monday seeps through your mind like Ribena added to your glass after you’ve poured the water, turning all the crystal clear water a kind of purpley-black-red (for the record, I like Ribena :). It is merely the Monday in my simile due to the cool dispersion effect it makes when you add it to your water. The image really drives the point in there I think…Poisoned Ribena! Make it poisoned Ribena and you’ll totally get my point).


Kind of like that....but a lot less like blood

So we have two sides to Sunday. The Sunday where you can drift off in to peaceful nothingness and completely relax at the end of the week, where you do nothing and it’s completely acceptable. Or the Sunday where you just think about Monday all the time. The evil Ribena Sunday. The end of your weekend and the start of your week.

So which Sunday do you have?
Does your week start on a Monday? Or are you one of those wierdos who starts listing the days of the week with “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday….” ?


34 Responses to “Sunday, Comfy Sunday”

  1. Fear of getting smote is definitely the reason why I’m not getting any work done today.. Thanks for giving me a way to verbalise and justify it!

  2. I like Sundays, I quite often spend them doing what I do a lot of in my spare time, arting. I sit at home drawing or painting all day, and watching movies. Then on Monday, I do the exact same, just in college.. Also, I think January is a month entirely made up of Sundays.

  3. hah i totally get it!! cept i did nothing all day saturday either and i dont have college on mondays so my three day weekend is really a three day sunday!!!

  4. Great stuff! 100% embodied my day today. Not even a new housemate could rouse me from bed on this hungover Sunday morning. And since I did get up I’ve been eating, listening to music and watching Gaelic football. Stupid bloody game that is… makes even less sense than Aussie Rules…

  5. You’re blog posts are legen- wait for it – dary!!

  6. I have a small migration most Sundays back to college and it’s rife with cursing about having to move so I know exactly what you are talking about there! My Mondays usually start in the fashion of snoozing my alarm many times so that I don’t have to get up just yet and I’ve learnt over the years to set it early as to not miss anything. Still though great post but sadly, you have now reminded that tomorrow is Monday again!

  7. You really should be working. Extra hard. “It’s Sunday” is no excuse! 😀

  8. its very very true

  9. I miss lazy Sundays! The fear of Mondays is much too great in me to fear being smote for working on a Sunday! You’re right like regardless of how fantastically lazy a Sunday is there’s always a point in that day where thinking about Monday just overrules anything else (mines at about 5pm on wards!)

  10. Definitely an evil Sunday today… Essay due tomorrow! 😦

  11. I’m sitting here surrounded by library books, A4 pads, sheets of paper with illegible writing scrawled on them, dictionaries, print-outs and numerous cups of half-drunk, cold coffee…and i decide to take your advice and retreat to the bed of downstairs in order to not be smote!

  12. Ha Mike you literally described my day today(…well, not the football)

    For me, the beginning of Sundays is totally fine, Monday is a distant worry. But once 6pm comes, I’m done. Anything after that is Monday morning orientated. Not fun.

    Also excellent picture hunting! 🙂

  13. Sunday is the best day to be hungover because everyone else is doing nothing so you don’t feel as bad just lazing around.

  14. I work most weekends so a PJs Sunday is rare for me 😦 So I just skip college and have a lazy Monday instead whilst everyone else is at work 😀

  15. I love Sundays! Its my weekend relax day! HATE sunday evening though!!! Bus to cork and then have to lug my bags with me! Yok!

  16. Unless you go to Boston College. Sundays are too close to Mondays to be liked. Gimme a Saturday pleasee!

  17. […] you are with all the nothing to do in the world and here comes something to d*ck with your joy (Not unlike the notion of Monday to your Sunday evening in my earlier post). Something makes you think that’s where you want to be. It makes you want the something. What […]

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