Reviews, thoughts, ramblings and so on…

The first post

Well, after years of contemplating setting up a blog finally a college class has pushed me into doing just that.
Over the course of the year I will be filling my screen (and hopefully your screen) with reviews, thoughts and ramblings about whatever it is I get the notion to talk about at the time. This isn’t a specific review site. I don’t just do films, books, restaurants or any of your usual review topics. I’m more than happy to talk about absolutely anything at all and that’s pretty much what I intend to do.
If you’re not quite up to pace with what I’m on about then eventually you’ll catch on (or you can just ask questions in the comments section).

Oh, and if you happen to think of something I should review or talk about while you’re at it feel free to comment on any post with suggestions and I will take them on board (It’s not called whattoreview for nothing!).
Any thoughts, ideas or opinions at all are welcome in the comments section, even if you  just think I’ve gone completely off the wall altogether. I’ll be sure to keep up with comments etc… and try to reply as best I can to them.

And so you know what you’re dealing with, this is me :

Flipper Photo

Yes that is a flipper in my foot...and a football...as you do

Anyway, enjoy the Blog!




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